About Compassion Roots

Providing natural therapies to those in need.

Founded in 1997, Compassion Roots  is the remarkable other half of the BC Compassion Club Society. We are a collectively-run non-profit natural health centre providing high quality medicinal natural plant products and other holistic therapies. We are the only dispensary in Vancouver that offers low-cost holistic health services to our members. 

Clients of Compassion Roots access our services to treat a variety of health conditions, including cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, sleep disorders, anxiety, HIV/AIDS, and chronic pain. Many members of the Compassion Roots community are unable to work due to their health, which results in limited health care choices. This is a gap that Compassion Roots strives to fill. 

Our practitioners offer  natural therapies to members and the public on a sliding scale fee basis. We offer a variety of modalities in a healing supportive environment, including:



• counselling

• nutrition

• herbalism

• integrative energy healing

• massage 

• craniosacral therapy

• yoga for chronic pain and trauma


photos by Elisha Storey

Compassion Roots  also houses an Apothecary stocked with organic and wild-crafted herbs, from which the herbalists prepare customized tinctures and herbal remedies. Both members and non-members can also purchase vitamins and nutritional supplements at a reduced cost from the Wellness Centre.

Annually, we provide up to 3000 holistic health care appointments at low and subsidized costs. We  also donate  $30, 000 to $40,000 worth of herbs and supplements to members each year.  In addition, the cost of sessions offered to members by the Wellness Centre is  subsidized up to 82%. 

During the Covid pandemic, we have not been able to provide as many in-person sessions but continue to offer telephone and virtual services.


Our Mission, Vision and Values



Our mission is to provide high quality natural health care services to those in need in a safe and friendly environment. We educate our community on the benefits of natural health care promoting a holistic approach to healing and living.


We envision a world in which natural therapies are readily accessible and socially supported in a manner that is consistent with the highest standard of care.  We will each take responsibility for our individual, collective and environmental health while honoring the diversity in each other and in the natural world.


The work we do at the Compassion Roots Wellness Centre Society and the services we provide are a reflection of these core values: 

Compassion. Compassion has called us to engage in the creation of an affordable, accessible natural health care centre which is patient focused not profit focused. 

Diversity.  The diversity of humans, plants and animals is a vital component of health. We honour the diversity in each other and in the natural world. Diversity is embodied by our staff, board, and members. The diversity in Cannabis and other plants is the key to their efficacy. We do not engage in, nor support, nor quote animal research. We do not believe in the patenting of life forms.  

Empowerment. The individual is the primary authority when it comes to making personal healthcare decisions, including the decision to use natural holistic health care. Empowerment encourages the individual to take control of their own healing.

Natural Health Care.  Natural therapies are an effective alternative or complement to allopathic medicine and must be available to everyone who would choose to make them part of a healthy lifestyle--not just to those who can afford them. Natural plants, including Cannabis, provide effective relief for persons living with critical and chronic illnesses. Natural therapies are also an effective harm reduction tool.

Alternative Solutions. We utilize consensus decision-making as an alternative to hierarchical structures because consensus empowers the individual and the community. We serve as a working model of these alternative solutions.