Tooth Powder


A carefully curated blend of organic herbs for dental and gum care. Leaves your teeth fresh and clean, and may reduce gum inflammation, and resolve mouth sores.

25 ml.


Sprinkle on your toothbrush and use it all the time, or add to your regular toothpaste to improve its effectiveness. A little goes a long way. Tastes delicious, and wakes up your oral health. Your mouth will thank you! Not for use with high blood pressure.

Ingredients: Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza g.)/ Foeniculum seed (Foeniculum)/ White Sage leaf (Salvia apiana)/ Myrrh resin (Commiphora)/ Yerba Manza (Anemopsis) / Tea tree (Melaleuca)/ Cardamom (Elettaria)/ Clove (Syzygium)/ Arrowroot/ Baking soda. –